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Bloom Sales Training methods are proven sales strategies effective for health and fitness organizations, corporations, and individuals.

The training is easy to understand, easy to follow, easy to implement, and most of all 100% results driven!



Bloom Sales Training

 Where Proven Membership Sales Excellence Meets Inspiration

Discover the synergy of time-tested and impactful membership sales techniques tailored exclusively for health and fitness organizations, health franchises, and individuals. Our meticulously crafted program seamlessly merges the art and science of sales, culminating in a transformative experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

Embrace a journey that is not only remarkably cost-effective but also effortlessly comprehensible, navigable, and remarkably implementable. As you embark on this enlightening path, rest assured that our training is staunchly results-oriented, with a commitment to delivering an unequivocal 100% track record of industry success.

Unlock the doors to a future where your sales endeavors flourish, where expertise seamlessly aligns with ambition, and where every effort is poised to yield exceptional membership growth outcomes.

Embrace the empowerment of Bloom Sales Training and let your voyage toward unparalleled sales brilliance and transformative success begin.

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Fitness Sales Mastermind Training

Embark on the Path to Sales Mastery with Our Fitness Sales Mastermind Training Program

Experience a transformative journey toward becoming a fitness sales prodigy with our distinguished comprehensive Sales Training program. Tailored to empower both individual sales professionals and dynamic Sales Teams, this program is your gateway to achieving unparalleled competence in the realm of sales and attaining the pinnacle of industry success.

This program includes ALL of the comprehensive sales modules that teach every aspect of the sales process, PLUS 12 live weekly meetings and sales coaching from Don Walker.

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Upon completing this program, graduates will gain a total comprehension of the entire membership sales process and be equipped with the skills to needed to integrate within any sales team seamlessly. Armed with this proficiency, graduates will consistently be able to deliver remarkable sales outcomes that surpass expectations and set new benchmarks.

Envision a future where your sales team's expertise shines brightly and can confidently navigate the intricate landscape of sales, and drive consistent and exceptional membership results.

Elevate your sales journey today and step into a realm of limitless possibilities. Your voyage to sales mastery and industry distinction commences here.

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Complete Sales Training

The Complete Sales Training Program is designed for discerning sales professionals and ambitious sales teams. This program is the gateway to acquiring top-tier sales skills and unmatched competency at the management level.

Immerse yourself and your sales team in the art of membership sales through a comprehensive training agenda. Tailored to empower every salesperson and sales team, this immersive program is meticulously curated to cultivate mastery in the intricate nuances of the membership sales process. Learn to seamlessly navigate the realm of new member acquisition and refine your finesse in the realm of professional closing skills.

 This package includes 25+ sales training classes that teach sales psychology and the entire sales process from the moment a prospect enters your gym or studio to the time they purchase a membership.

Upon successful completion of this enriching course, graduates will emerge equipped with a profound understanding of every facet of membership sales and methods for organizational growth. Not just limited to individual prowess, our program instills the leadership acumen required to guide any sales team towards achieving the zenith of success – an élite level that sets industry standards.

Embark on this voyage of empowerment and enrichment today. Unleash your potential, seize leadership by the reins, and forge your path to a future defined by unparalleled success. Your journey to elevated sales proficiency and inspiring leadership begins here.

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